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Each month 1 billion sports fans generate 8.5 billion visits to a variety of sports websites. Traditionally, those visits yield profits for sports media. It’s time to change this paradigm, and here’s what we came up with.


Sports media where passion for sports pays off.

Sports-optimised blogging platform that rewards active users.

Scorum provides cryptocurrency rewards for both content creators and curators. Community members get paid for publishing posts, voting, commenting and uploading photos. For sports writers we have developed custom solutions: sports analytics, interactive graphics and a large photo database.

Advanced statistics center.

Watching livestreams and browsing through stats is an essential part of sports fans’ daily routine. The Scorum statistics center provides them with a one-stop solution to keep up with the latest updates. Avid fans can always delve deeper into sports data with services such as intelligent predictions.

Commission-free betting and fantasy sports.

Venturesome sports fans no longer have to rely on “trusted third parties” in order to place wagers or compete in fantasy sports. Scorum members can use their SCR to bet against each other or join fantasy leagues in a transparent way without any hidden fees. Scorum’s streaming service allows users to bet and trade in real-time throughout events.

Backed up by Athletes


It’s all about a system where each participant benefits.

The entire economy of the project is based on the Scorum Coins and the Scorum Power tokens. In our comprehensive and transparent business model, the tokens are based on real value coming from advertising and partner programs.

Scorum Coin Tokens

18.6 Million

Listed for Crowdsale

Development: 65%
Marketing: 20%
Legal: 15%




Affiliate Program

20M Scorum Coin (SCR) tokens are issued: 18.6M for purchase at the crowdsale, after which any unsold SCR will be set aside as Scorum Power Tokens, 930K go to the Affiliate Program (the unused tokens will be burned), and 470K — to the project team.

Learn more in white paper

Get know more about Crowdsale, cryprocurrency and economic model

Scorum Power Tokens

10 Million Bounty Program

Rewards: 48%
Registrations: 21%
Founders: 30%
Steemit users: 1%

10M Scorum Power (SP) tokens are issued at a face value of 1 SP = 1 SCR = 1 USD. For internal use on the platform and can be converted into SCR within 12 months in equal shares. 3M SP go to founders, while the rest — to the active users.

Learn more in white paper

Get know more about Crowdsale, cryprocurrency and economic model

Real Value Based Economy

Internal Advertising

Project: 50%
Users: 50%

Photo Database

Author: 80%
Project: 10%
Users: 10%

Partnership Programs

Scorum plans to derive income from three reliable sources: internal ads, partner programs and a photo database. We intend to use this income to keep improving the platform and reward active Scorum users.

Learn more in white paper

Get know more about Crowdsale, cryprocurrency and economic model

Learn more in white paper

Get know more about Crowdsale, cryprocurrency and economic model


Beautiful, functional and nearly ready to launch.

The Scorum sports media platform features a sleek design that appeals to sports fans and writers. With a user-centered design approach, Scorum develops each feature to provide a seamless sports media experience.

Reasons to Purchase Tokens

We offer secure and transparent opportunities for token holders.

1 billion

Sports fans world-wide

$1 trillion

Betting and fantasy sports cap

$80 billion

Sports events market cap

Limited emission of all tokens.
Both SCR and SP tokens are issued in limited amounts, which preserves their value.
Big money flow from gambling industry.
Commission-free betting and fantasy sports exchanges will naturally attract users, especially pro players.
Huge Bounty Program for end users.
The first million users will get generous registration rewards to kick-start the community.
Well-thought-out reinvestment strategy.
Fans have the chance to win as the platform grows with half of ad revenue returned to active users.
A reward model proven by Steemit.
Adapted to the needs of the sports community, our rewards are fairly distributed.
First-of-its-kind sports media.
Bringing together coverage, fantasy leagues, betting, and stats in one sleekly designed platform.

Product Roadmap

BI Intergration

Q3 2017

Tokens Crowdsale

Q1 2018

Blockchain & Wallet / Listing on Exchanges

Q1 2018

Fantasy Sports with SCR

Q2 2018

Advertising Integration

Q3 2018

CPA Networks Integration

Q1 2019

US Sports Integration

Q2 2019


Have any questions?

Does the crowdsale comply with legal regulations?

Yes, the crowdsale was construed in compliance with legal regulations to the maximum relevant extent under the applicable law, covering the Scorum token seller, as well as subject to the standard list of disclaimers and general uncertainty of such regulation. As to the legal regulations connected with the future betting functionality, the betting functionality depends on further legal structuring and compliance. For that reason there is no guarantee and certainty of this functionality availability for the citizens and residents of the regulated jurisdictions. More legal details about the Scorum Token sale you can find in the Terms of Token Crowdsale.

Why is Scorum’s economic model sustainable?

Scorum’s economic model is based on three independent revenue streams: internal advertising, partner programs and earnings from the photo database. Our core belief at Scorum is that the success of our cryptocurrency is based on support by the real economy.

Can I trade SCR at an exchange?

Yes, SCR will be able to be traded at exchanges for other cryptocurrencies.

What is the difference between Scorum Coin tokens and Scorum Power tokens?

Scorum Coin (SCR) tokens is a liquid cryptocurrency which can be bought or sold at cryptocurrency exchanges or transferred to other users. These tokens will be available for purchase during the Token Crowdsale. Scorum Power (SP) is an internal token that is used as a mechanism to protect the platform from fraudulent registrations and is also needed to enable technical interactions between the system’s users. SP value is directly proportional to SCR (at 1:1 ratio).

Will there be any additional emissions of SCR?

No, a finite amount of SCR and SP tokens will be issued.

Can I mine SCR?

No, but you can sign blocks and get rewarded. We’ve set aside a 480K SP pool to be distributed among witnesses (delegates signing blocks) and will further reward them with 5% of SCR generated from advertising profit. The Scorum blockchain uses a Delegated Proof of Stake consensus so all the tokens will be mined and distributed in the genesis block. Block production synchronization among delegates (witnesses) is carried out according to the NTP protocol which is being used successfully in other blockchain systems (Steemit and Bitshares).

How will the Crowdsale affiliate programme work?

The affiliate will receive 5% SCR from the amount of SCR purchased with their referral links. 0.5M SCR are available for affiliates who help attract token purchasers for the Token Crowdsale. Every affiliate that participates in the program has its unique referral code (the link with the code is available in users’ personal account on the Scorum Crowdsale website) which can be used to track Scorum Coins buyers. For example, an affiliate placed the link on social networks. A certain number of token purchasers went via this link to buy 1000 SCR. Thus the affiliate will get 50 SCR. Find out more and become a Scorum affiliate.

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